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Ermenegildo Zenga Fall/Winter 2014

Coming up the second time around Stefano Pilati has brought us a strong sartorial expression in the Ermenegildo Zenga fall/winter 2014 collection. The universe played as the backdrop as models strolled down the catwalk in strapping outerwear. An elegant take on prospective fashions Pilati uses strong outerwear, tailored classics and signature oversized silhouette’s for an executed styling. A perfect combination of wearable garbs and a mental concepts that create a spin on common fashions. Navy and camel hues overlay the noteworthy dress parkas, suits, and overcoats as the wool and plaid fabrics generate a clean blending of two dreary colors. Structured knitwear and refined quilting produce a feeling of country and outdoors winters, I’m sure any lumberjack would appreciate this collection. Pilati has done a terrific job at blending to fashion theories and making them into one, can’t wait to see what’s in store for next season.

_ARC0499.150x226 _ARC0488.150x226 _ARC0474.150x226 _ARC0463.150x226_ARC0448.150x226 _ARC0435.150x226 _ARC0424.150x226 _ARC0408.150x226 _ARC0396.150x226_ARC0388.150x226 _ARC0376.150x226_ARC0365.150x226 _ARC0350.150x226 _ARC0338.150x226_ARC0325.150x226 _ARC0310.150x226 _ARC0299.150x226 _ARC0283.150x226 _ARC0269.150x226_ARC0255.150x226 _ARC0240.150x226 _ARC0229.150x226 _ARC0216.150x226 _ARC0199.150x226_ARC0190.150x226 _ARC0177.150x226 _ARC0164.150x226 _ARC0151.150x226 _ARC0141.150x226_ARC0127.150x226 _ARC0111.150x226 _ARC0104.150x226 _ARC0093.150x226 _ARC0080.150x226_ARC0069.150x226 _ARC0058.150x226 _ARC0047.150x226 _ARC0038.150x226 _ARC0026.150x226 _ARC0014.150x226_ARC0563.150x226



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